Is It Affordable To Invest In Real Estate?

The answer is, of course, yes. It is a resounding YES.

The owner of real estate be these lands, room houses, apartment buildings, shopping centers, wineries, vacation rental homes, etc. Has an excellent source of passive income, which generates surplus value year by year, increasing economic wealth exponentially.

On the other hand, for none of us is the high cost of rents, the interest charged by banks for mortgage loans, without leaving aside appraisal costs, legal costs, etc…

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Then there is no doubt that the real estate business is a very profitable business.


The truth is that many of those who have managed to create wealth by investing in real estate were not originally rich, did not have the economic resources to undertake in this market. Even if they did not have money, or had very little, what they did have was creative real estate strategies that allowed them to acquire property.

The greatest capital these people possessed was not money, but the ability to develop such creative ideas, and thus bring unconventional business proposals to property sellers, where all parties involved benefit.

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What is a paradigm and how to modify it?


A paradigm is a structure of thought that has been installed in our mind by external and internal factors. We must be very careful, what we believe is what we are, in short, our reality.

Paradigm # ° 1: “Only with a mortgage loan can I acquire a property.”

Today the culture, the media, the voracious system of bank loans, tell us time and again, that the way to acquire a property is through traditional systems. What is regrettable is that we have accepted this paradigm as an absolute truth. The system is designed to enslave us, and we accept it without question to obtain our first, and possibly, only real estate investment of our whole life, I mean our house. This, in the best case, if not that we spend, for this world paying month by month rent expensive. Here is the first challenge, to question the system and to ask whether it is true that there are no other possible alternatives to achieve this longed-for goal.

Paradigm # 2: “I Do not Think I Can Succeed in Investing in Real Estate.”

It is important, to change the paradigm, we must have confidence in ourselves, and for this, we need the correct information in our minds. Here the important thing is to make a firm and consistent decision over time.

What we must install in mind is the proper information that we do not yet know, since ignorance is paid dearly.

Learning and knowing creative strategies will allow you to find the high-profit business opportunities offered by the real estate market.