Introduction to Longboarding

What is the longboard?

A longboard is a skate longer than usual and sometimes more broadly. Longboarding became popular along with culture through surfing in the mid-1950s. This originated in the streets of California, where it gave rise to many longboarders due to the group of rolling hills. One of the groups that most influenced this sport are the Z-Boys, a group of skaters who went around the world in this game, in this team were people like Stacy Peralta or Tony Alva.

A longboard is a form of skateboarding, characterized by being long and sturdy boards for greater stability and mobility at higher speeds. Longboards are commonly used to lower slopes, racing, slalom, skidding and simply as a means of transportation. The characteristics of the longboard are its larger wheels, have a sandpaper, several layers of wood, bamboo or some fiber resistant like fiberglass or carbon, unlike the skateboard, the board of longboard is usually a little larger depending on the modality to which made. Longboard had a boom in California city by surfers and wanted to incorporate this sport into the streets of the city; There are different types of longboard mode including Downhill, freeride, cruising, dancing, slalom, among others. Longboarding is not as popular as skateboarding which has more than 10 million practitioners worldwide.

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Undoubtedly, one of the oldest and most appreciated specialties of asphalt descents requires absolute mastery of the board and an excellent sense of balance. The chief pilots learn so much in the curves that they drag the gloves (properly protected) by the asphalt before verse to straighten. Awesome.

Models and formats

Today we can find many types and sizes of tables as users, depending on the taste of each and their imagination. Regardless of their mode of use, they are called hybrids, with original designs, where it can vary even the number of wheels.

Within the variants that make the longboarding. We find tables developed specifically for the different practices, such as “downhill”: mountain descent at high speeds, where it is more than convenient to have a reliable equipment so as not to suffer unforeseen at high speeds that can arrive To be around 70 km / h. These are boards usually 95 to 110 cm long and more rigid with trucks located at the ends. This increases the wheelbase and generates greater stability. It is also common to observe a lowered platform to decrease the center of gravity.

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There are also slalom boards, known as “carving,” ranging from 90 to 120 cm long, generally recognized by the “pintail” format. Its main features: tipped tail and greater flexibility, a smaller wheelbase to increase the turning potential of the table and allow a more closed curve radius. It is common to see slalom competitions where riders must show their ability by tackling different obstacles while performing the descent, usually marking the circuit to follow with cones.