8/5: Lines are Blurred Between Histories

Some interesting ideas have been surfacing as artists find research and inspiration through the manufacturers as well as other sources, even their own families.

Katherine Shozawa:

I’m looking forward to cross-pollinating with other artists involved in Structure and Surface over the next months… Here are some stills from a project from years ago that I worked on collaboratively with my dad who is a retired minister. Stoles for Everyday Use is a series of hand-sewn and embroidered liturgical vestments – stoles, primarily and albs, as well – that I made for my dad to wear for day-to-day use around the house. I was considering the possible intersections between my family’s Protestant and Buddhist backgrounds, but mainly the humor and everyday (and performative) nature of rituals, sacred and profane, anything from making pancakes to misting house plants.

I’m not sure how to link this to Structure & Surface except tangentially to family-based businesses and things I’ve noticed in the Philadelphia region including the proliferation of newer ethnic churches (Korean, Chinese, and South Asian primarily). Mainly, I wanted to share this with Kelly to keep conversations going.

Kelly Cobb:

I am focusing on choir robes and the power of donning a sacred garment. Figuring out a way to reach out to anyone on the street to connect to their power via donning a robe. Also excited about choir robes and the fact that there are over 2500 references to cloth or clothing in the bible. I imagine making a song and even a performance. What is interesting about Bentley is the DIY production of sacred garments and the compelling story of how they started a company in a church basement and the realities of why-because african americans were not really welcome to enter the garment industry.

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