7/27: JG Littlewood and Sons Ledger from 1872


Susie Brandt’s first visit to JG Littlewood and Sons was on June 19th, and she has returned three times to talk to Dave and his 90-year-old father Wallace, who began working at the business in 1949.

We’ve discussed textile processes, machinery, the supply chain, labor histories, trade shows, trade associations et al. This last visit we started looking over a ledger from 1872. Its a lovely leather bound volume. All items are entered in a gorgeous hand. Its a lovely object that also provides an extraordinary glimpse into the late 19th century textile world. Next week I’ll go back to rummage around for more ledgers.

Above is an image of a page from the 1872 Littlewood ledger. Below is an image of carpet samples from Kramer Mills in Nazareth PA. They are in the Design Center Collection at Phila U.

Susie also wanted to share an interesting contemporary project related to Structure and Surface. It is Anne Wilson’s Wind/Rewind project addressing local textile industry in Knoxville TN


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