7/18: See & Hear the Whirr of the Machines at Clemson Winding

From Julie Lorch’s latest visit to Clemson Winding:

Here are a few videos of the machines at Clemson Winding, a company that specializes in winding, skeining, and tubing. Photos are great, but the video really gives you a sense of the whirr and motion of the machines – the repetition of sound and movement in the basement of this old factory is just fantastic.

There are lots of places to look for inspiration. I’m thinking about kinetic sculptures, wall surfacing, whether the machines are able to wind or skein other types of materials, and what else could be representative of fibers…light, anodized aluminum, colored water, etc. Some of the questions I’m asking: will this be a collection of many small installations or one large piece? Is it temporary or permanent?

Bill and Joan both have a great sense of humor, and you can catch some of their jokes in the middle of the videos (one of the machines is Italian, so we joked about the language barrier). They’re awesome to be around and it’s been fun to start this process together.”

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