Postings and Q&A

10/15: Mapping the Growth and Decline of Philadelphia’s Textile Industry

9/6: Busy Bees

9/5: The Arts Street Textile Studio

8/19: Inspirational Designs By Dorothy Liebes

8/13: Discussions On Public Art

8/13: Lots Of Loud Looms In Lowell

8/5: Lines Are Blurred Between Histories

7/27: JG Littlewood And Sons Ledger From 1872

7/27: Piper Shepard Looks At Textiles In Relation To Architecture And Place

7/18: See & Hear The Whirr Of The Machines At Clemson Winding

7/17: The History of the Bentley Robe Company

7/15: Unveiling Some History At Churchville Fabrics

7/11: Exploring Humphrys Textiles & Cover Sports

7/4: Philadelphia As A Destination For Textile Talent

6/29: Will McHale: Textile Innovations

The “Postings and Q&A” page is a place for Structure and Surface artists, manufacturers, advisory committee members, and project consultants to pose and answer questions and share your ideas, thoughts, images, and research.

We encourage you to contribute to this page in words and images the histories and stories you collect throughout this project, including the personal narratives of those who once worked and today work at the six manufacturers participating in this project. We encourage you to also look to explore the impact these manufactures once had and now have on their surrounding communities.

We also hope that each artist will gain both an understanding of the manufacturer they are partnered with this summer and the larger picture of Philadelphia’s textile industry. Artists are not limited to working under just one roof and everyone on this project is encouraged to undertake your own research and dig around outside of the manufacturing setting for source material and ideas. The Philadelphia Museum of Art and Philadelphia University’s Design Center, among other academic and cultural institutions, have offered to open their doors to Structure and Surface participants and Mural Arts is more than happy to facilitate opportunities for each of you to go make your own discoveries.

Again, we welcome and look forward to your contributions. To post to this page, please followup directly with Katie Winkler at

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