The Manufacturers

Six Philadelphia-based textile and textile-related manufacturers have each been paired by Mural Arts with an artist selected by members of Structure and Surface’s advisory committee and will participate in the project’s summer 2012 artist residency program.

Manufacturers selected run the gamut from makers of niche market textiles to fabric dyeing facilities and have been in operation for at least 50 years or more, including several family businesses that go back three to five generations.

Artists will draw on their residency experience to inform the development of public art project proposals that respond to the past, present, and possible future of Philadelphia’s textile sector. In fall of 2012, Structure and Surface’s advisory committee will recommended to Mural Arts two or more of these project proposals for possible implementation in 2014.

Structure and Surface represents Mural Arts’ inaugural exploration of the nexus between labor economics and cultural history, and is the first to involve a team of historians, curators, industry professionals, and artists in the planning process.

Bentley Robe Company
Churchville Fabrics
Clemson Winding
G.J. Littlewood & Sons
Wayne Mills

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