8/13: Discussions On Public Art

Fron Julie Lorch’s latest visit to Clemson Winding:

During our most recent meeting, I wanted to share some images of public art that I admire and hear what Bill and Joan thought. We sat down for a snack on a hot summer afternoon and flipped through the book I brought along: “Urban Interventions: Personal Projects in Public Spaces.” The images became a catalyst for collaboration – we talked about site possibilities and materials, about general ideas that would be cool and ones that we thought wouldn’t work so well.  It was great to bounce ideas off of each other and build on them together.

Both Judy and Bill and Joan Clemsom were drawn to projects with common themes: Big, Unexpected, and Fun. These are some of the favorites from the afternoon:

SpY – Soccer Ramp, Madrid, Spain, re-appropriating urban elements

Dopludo – Honabostrand, Sweden, public poster project

Fundacion Telefonica, Comfort # 6, Madrid, Spain, big tubes coming out of windows!

Zonenkinder – Hamburg and Berlin Germany, tree art with personality


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