How much essential oil add to soap

Essential_Oils_SoapEssential oils are becoming more and more popular as an alternative medicine. In the modern times, they are being used in just about any way. One of the methods that essential oils are used is by adding it to soap.

Soap with essential oils is great for many ways, particularly to skin health, like getting rid of acne. With rising popularity of essential oils, soap makers are all hyped in adding essential oils to their soaps.

When using essential oils in soapmaking, one of the common questions often asked is how much essential oils should be added to the soap. Soap makers that have used essential oils before are quick to give advice to others who want to try.

If making soap from scratch, the rule is to avoid adding essential oils until you are near the end of the process. This is important so as the lye will not destroy both the essential oils fragrance and healing properties.

As to how much essential oils should be added to soap, the general rule is to use about 3% to 5% by weight of the essential oil. But there isn’t really a solid answer as to how much essential oils should you use for soapmaking.

The amount depends on what method or process you choose, whether melt and pour, cold process, hot process, etc, and the kind of essential oil you us. When it comes to cosmetics formulating, the general rule for using fragrances is a rate of 0.5% – 5% of the total formula.

But it still differs based on the kind of products whether it is leave-on, wash-off or non-skin contact. For adding essential oils to the soap, adding them at the end stage is best but if you can them to carrier oil first, it will give you some advantages.

The carrier oil will add extra moisturizing properties and this way you can try the scent on yourself unlike which you can’t if the essential oil is pure. You should still try this because the oils could be the best essential oils for warts and other skin diseases. Essential oil usage is difficult because each of them presents its unique challenges, needs and guidelines which means when calculating, you need to consider quite a few things.

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